New post: ‘Writers and writing: Jason Arnopp’

Check out my interview with writer Jason Arnopp for the Daily Waffle. Jason’s novel The Last Days of Jack Sparks was recently released to great acclaim.  Read the interview here


What’s new?

Hi guys! So what’s new with you? OK I’ll talk about me for a bit. I’ve just been doing stuff and haven’t really had the time or motivation to update this blog that nobody reads.

Work-wise I have been working since April as a volunteer for Pembrokeshire Citizens Advice, doing a mix of admin, Digital Inclusion and gateway work. So far it has proved a very rewarding and fulfilling use of my time, and I’ve been enjoying working and interacting with other people. Just the other week I represented Pembrokeshire CAB at a stall in Haverfordwest, as part of the town’s recent festival events promoting twenty-five years of the Haverfordwest Riverside Market and the town’s local initiatives.

Here I am, manning the stall! No autographs, please.



Professionally, I’ve been pitching my services as a copywriting gunslinger for hire, which so far has resulted in writing press releases for a Cardiff-based PR agency, researching and writing a blog on digital marketing for another company, and curating social media content for clients of another digital marketing agency. It’s early days, but a good sign towards me eventually going self-employed as a freelancer.

If you’re interested, you can read my guest blog for The Digital Formula on digital marketing here 

In the world of blogging, my tribute to Robin Hardy, director and co-creator of The Wicker Man, appeared on the Malcontent last month, which you can read here 

The Malcontent also recently posted a feature where I wrote about Seasons Of War, a Doctor Who charity anthology that was recently published. Clicky linky!

Over on the blogging network Daily Waffle, I have a regular feature, ‘Writers and Writing’, in which I interview published writers from different backgrounds, and so far each feature has resulted in some very interesting and readable discourses, if I say so myself. In the past two months, I have covered writers of thrillers, dark fantasy, romance and erotica, comedic science fiction, short story collections and plays. In case you’ve missed them, here is the back catalogue! Have a good catch up!

The seed of the ‘writers and writing’ project was a chat I had, also for Daily Waffle, with the poet and novelist Ange Chan. We had connected due to our mutual love of David Bowie and Doctor Who, and I really enjoyed discovering her poetry collections and her first novel. In case you missed it, here’s my interview with Ange Chan from back in March. It definitely inspired this series – as a creative, I find it fascinating to learn about other writers’ journeys. I have several more interviews “in the can”, so stay tuned.

My latest news is that I am creating a new website, which will be devoted to all things cult – films, books, TV and music – and feature regular news, reviews and articles. I’ll be running and editing the site, and alongside my own writing, it will boast a range of new and experienced writers. So that’s very exciting! I have a big launch planned for September, complete with a social media strategy.

I’m also still in the process of editing Me And The Starman, the Bowie tribute anthology for charity. Blogger and convention organiser Kara Dennison recently gave the project a signal boost which you can check out here 

For those of you following my adventures, I hope to bring more news soon, but do keep checking back in for my latest posts.

New posts: ‘Writing and Writers’: Nigel Shinner (June 16 2016), Karen E. Coles (June 29 2016)

The first two instalments of my new feature over at the blogging network were recently posted. This will be a regular series, consisting of Q&A style interviews with a range of writers – some established, some just starting out; some self published, some with mainstream publishers; from different genres and backgrounds. This feature was a no-brainer for me, as I’m fascinated by the writing process and writers’ stories of making their voices heard, especially as the publishing environment is rapidly evolving in the digital age.

You can read my interview with Nigel Shinner here, and my interview with Karen here.


New post: ‘Stars on 45: Tim Worthington’s ‘Top of the Box’

My latest blog post is a close look at ‘Top of the Box’, pop culture expert Tim Worthington’s indepth guide to BBC Records’ singles output. As you will find reading the article, it was a wildly eccentric, eclectic range, quite unlike any other commercial label, and Tim was more than happy to discuss the range and his book with me. Click here.

New post: ‘Doctor Who’s Black Archive: The unfolding text’

Just up on The Daily Waffle, my feature on the new range of critical studies of select Doctor Who books, The Black Archive. I spoke to publisher Stuart Douglas, range editor Philip Purser-Hallard and writer Jon Arnold to get the inside track on this exciting new line of criticism. Read it here!